In 2016, CAO will partner with the City of Aurora to increase the number of Aurora residents achieving their American Dream. 

This partnership represents a unique opportunity for us to reach diverse and underserved populations eligible for citizenship in Aurora, a city where 20% of residents are foreign born and 31.4% speak a language other than English at home. In fact, of those currently seeking our instructional and naturalization services, 60% reside in Aurora.

Many Aurora residents lack access to our facilities, as they are dependent on family and friends to provide transportation. In addition, many families do not have access to affordable and nearby childcare. These methods lead to inconsistent class attendance enabling poor naturalization examination results and/or deterring eligible individuals in seeking a path to citizenship.

That’s how we plan to help. By relocating our weekend classes to more centrally situated facility in Aurora, we will help to alleviate these barriers. CAO will integrate the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that underserved communities in Aurora will receive assistance towards achieving their American dream - U.S. Citizenship. In 2015, 93% of our citizenship students passed their naturalization exam on the first attempt. Student retention and class engagement is very high and we find that most students actively recommend our educational and legal services to others within their respective communities. By launching local naturalization efforts in collaboration with CAO, the City of Aurora is making an investment towards meeting one of its strategic goals: to encourage more people with an immigrant and refugee background to get involved in civic affairs.  

We’re honored to help the City of Aurora reach that goal.