Photography by Dave Anderson of InSync Photography + Design

Photography by Dave Anderson of InSync Photography + Design

I am writing to you today with great pride to report that CAO recently received the prestigious Small Nonprofit of the Year award from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, sponsored by the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation! 

Sitting among an audience of hundreds, I was moved as I looked around at our CAO team - the diversity of faces, the strength, the sense of belonging and community. Looking back at me, I saw the exact impact CAO sought to create when it was founded back in 2003. Back then we were a small grass roots effort to support African refugees. Today we are a robust community organization serving immigrants, asylum-seekers, and refugees from all over the world. 

Lydia is one of those individuals. In 2007, she left behind her family in eastern Africa to escape a system of extreme oppression; traversing the jungle, hoping to find refuge.  After five days, she made it to a refugee camp where she lived for 5 ½ years before being re-settled to Denver. Today Lydia is Co-Manager of our Community Navigator program and helps hundreds of immigrants and their families on their own paths toward self-sufficiency.

Lydia is just one of the many impressive staff whose story exemplifies our values and our impact. I am grateful for all of the staff, volunteers, donors, and community members who have supported CAO over the years. This award is ours to share and we sincerely hope you'll join in our celebration!

Watch the video that we produced when we were selected as a finalist for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Small Nonprofit of the Year award.