let's look at your impact

Every single gift makes a meaningful impact in the lives of the refugees, asylees, and immigrants that we serve. Not only that, but your support ripples out to touch their families and benefit entire ethnic communities here in Colorado. From hygiene and clothing, to case management and critical health care, we guarantee that your gift will help create a fresh start for someone resettling in Colorado.




Your generous gift will provide one immigrant with access to their own spiritual material in their primary language. This gift benefits the mental and emotional wellbeing of the individuals we serve.


Your generous gift will provide critical health care for one refugee for one month. The individuals we serve have been struggling just to survive before they arrive in Colorado. Your generosity will help them build a healthy start in the United States.


Your generous gift will meet the basic human needs of one asylum-seeker for one month, including housing, transportation, and food during this vulnerable time of transition.