Nearly 5 million Syrians have fled Syria to escape the violence,
oppression, and persecution in hopes of saving their lives.

These families sought temporary refuge in neighboring countries, such as Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt, with hopes they would be welcomed for resettlement in other countries. Colorado alone has welcomed nearly 50 Syrian refugee families for resettlement in the Denver-metro area. The families came to the United States with a single suitcase carrying all their belongings and an aspiration to start their lives over in the United States of America.

Each Syrian resettled refugee is committed to being acculturated into the Denver-metro community by actively completing English classes and seeking a place of employment willing to accommodate their little to no English.  Um Obayda serves as a community navigator and advocate for all Syrian refugee families networking them with any and all community resources they are needing.

Your donations will be instrumental in helping these families build safe, sustainable lives in our community. More specifically, your donations will support the specific needs of these families as identified by their community navigator Um Obayda. These needs have included sponsoring one month of rent, starting weekly Arabic classes for the children, employing the Syrian college graduates as Arabic instructors, hosting welcoming dinners, and providing culturally sensitive clothing and school supplies.


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